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At your brokerage/agency, what are the main tools your agents need to close cases with their clients? Are they embracing technology into their sales strategy? Are you looking to nudge them toward web-based tools instead of faxing documents? Is their client list written down on a piece of paper? Do they have email addresses for their clients? Are they interacting with clients on Facebook or other social media platforms?

IMO Tools understands the “technology learning curve” within the insurance industry. As more carriers embrace web-based tools, agencies also are jumping on board as agents see the efficiency and benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, online quote calculators, electronic contracting, social media, and email drip marketing campaigns.

Our team has developed a “toolbox” of resources to assist your agency within the life insurance, annuity and Medicare supplement markets. Each tool has a specific use – like a hammer with a nail – that will provide the added benefits and positive results for your agency.

Guardian Pointe

Registered Investment Advisor

Today’s agents and advisors are looking to generate revenue from their book of business through additional products – including the regulated securities market. Without an established RIA, broker/dealer competitors can provide these securities-related services, but then dictate that your agents ALSO send their main products (i.e., life insurance, annuities, etc.) through their brokerage vs. your brokerage. Don’t lose valued agents to a competitor, because you don’t have RIA services. IMO Tools works with Guardian Pointe Private Wealth Management to provide full RIA services and protect your agency from competitors by offering A Smarter Way to Invest program for clients. Your agents continue to support your brokerage’s book of business without needing to change companies to offer securities or insurance products. Your brokerage aligns with a full-service, regulated RIA, which also can make your brokerage stand out from competitors in your agent recruitment efforts.

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Lead Vendors

Want to jump-start your sales? Our pre-qualified lead vendors can start you in the right direction at a special discounted rate. Through AdvisorRPM, your agents can receive thoroughly-scrubbed consumer annuity leads delivered in real-time. The average annuity premium from these leads is $250,000. We also can direct your agents to pre-qualified lead vendors for life insurance, final expense and Medicare supplements.

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Medicare Supplement Referrals

Do you have clients who qualify for Medicare, but your agents are uncomfortable selling this product to them? Our consumer-facing Senior Health Shop bridges the gap between your agents and clients – and potential gaps based on their healthcare insurance needs. Our health insurance “problem solvers” will answer your clients’ Medicare supplement questions and provide options based on their location.

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Sales & Training Portals

Looking to add term life insurance, final expense, or Medicare supplements to your product lines? Our Champions Series websites provide carriers, sales tools, instructional videos and other resources to roll these products out to your downline through a white-labeled website. You can learn more by visiting some our Champions Series websites.

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Mobile Quoting Tools

Your agents need the latest rates for annuity products and competitive pricing for life insurance products. IMO Tools provides resources including term life insurance quote engines to provide our contracted carriers’ current pricing. Your agents can access these tools from their computer or mobile device. We also provide annuity quoting tools that automatically update to carriers' pricing.

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IMO Tools has additional tools available to customize life insurance, annuity and Medicare supplement products for your brokerage, wholesaler or agency model. Pick and choose how these tools are implemented and align them with your sales strategy. Get started by calling our team or scheduling a conversation by clicking on the button to the right.

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